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The Dual Risk Approach in Nutrition


The Dual Risk Approach in Nutrition
Present and future perspectives and challenges

The classical risk assessment approach offers a highly systematic framework within which information can be organized and evaluated. Contrary to non-nutrients, nutrients have a dual risk with a health risk at the low nutrient intake range (deficiency) and a risk at the high end of the nutrient intake range (toxicology).

The purpose of the symposium is to discuss the strength and challenges of applying a nutrition risk assessment approach in setting nutrition recommendations.

At the symposium invited experts will discuss the methodological approaches from the classical risk assessment approach in setting threshold levels for risk of adverse effects and the nutrition risk assessment approach in defining distribution of requirements.

Case studies from the Nordic countries will be presented to underline some of the current challenges in setting nutrition recommendations. Especially, the lack of data for nutrition risk assessment will be addressed and how extrapolations are used to derive data for subgroups like children and the elderly.

Finally, the development of nutrition risk assessment using nutrient intakes and chronic disease endpoints will be discussed in the light of the forthcoming update of the Nordic Nutrition recommendations.


Download program for the Symposium.

The Symposium is supported by a grant from the NKMT, Nordic Council of Ministers.